This week, a color study – what could be better than a study of greens? Temperature – warm and cool, in particular! This is a 2 part series – and today we’ll talk about two mediums. Most people think of color theory as only affecting fine art and painting, but it really applies to all application of color!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

I got out my Lake Michigan Book Press “Sketch a day” sketchbook for today’s little testing of mixing. The tiny watercolors are so cute – I keep the Daniel Smith 6 essentials in this tiny Whiskey Painters palette for quick studies like today’s. It’s always so interesting to me to see just how many different colors can be gotten from six little pigments!

Swatch some of your own greens, just pair up your blues with yellows. Any kind. What happens when there’s a 50-50 ratio? 70-30? 85-15? Do they go from cool to warm or vice versa?

Any other medium uses the same principles – but the style of delivery of the pigment may mean different ways of blending. For this tree I chose a range of cool and warm greens – there’s a BG96 that was used for the tree trunk and parts of the vehicles.

Layering the colors on top of each other is how alcohol markers “mix” color – but the warm/cool principles are just the same.


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