“Using up Copic Reinkers?? What are you thinking??”

I have a bunch that have just a few drops left in them; some I already bought a new one (coz I’m a panicked artist!) and some are on the order-next-time list. But it was pointed out to me that on Copic’s website, they look to be putting out totally different reinkers….they look like tiny vials? I’m hoping the prices become tiny too, but that doesn’t seem to be info I could find as yet.

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So….I thought of an idea recently while laying in bed – I wanted to use up the bottles that are in the way, and replace them before they’re gone. (NOTE: Ellen Hutson’s Copic stuff is always on sale!) I figured that’d remind me to follow through, and would alert you too!

The stamps that arrived in happy mail from Colorado Craft Company are their new animals – and they would be PERFECT for my little idea! These stamps have also got me thinking of a whole OTHER idea to come – maybe a class, not sure where the idea is headed but stay tuned!

Watch the video and see what I did with my refills!

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First note that these stamps are big – part of the Big and Bold collection. That means either your cards need to be a little bigger than usual, or you can trim the card down so the animal peeks in from the side! I opted for oversized cards.

  • When choosing colors, analagous ones are best – next to each other on the color wheel. If you mix colors that have yellow blue and red in them, you could end up with mud!
  • Work on a nonporous surface – I like my Craft Assistant!
  • Saturate the paper in some way (pour, squeeze, spray) with 99% Alcohol . Lower % may work, I’m not sure. You can also use Copic blender solution, but as long as you’re just splooging like this, and not coming into contact with nibs, the alcohol is fine.
  • Remember as it dries it gets lighter and brighter – the paper turns greyish while wet.

On the giraffe version with such pretty, light colors, I opted for my Uniball Signo White Pen to create the doodles – following the splotch edges created with the background.

I used neutral colors – greys and a little desaturated green – for a more natural look. Dripping the alcohol creates streaks!

I love this llama! The background was such fun, tracing around each bloop with a Copic Multiliner, .5 – if the black pen work is the LAST part you’re working on, any black pen is fine.


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