I have had a dream video I’ve wanted to make for a while…and hopefully I can pull it off for my 100k celebration on YouTube:

I want to create something across the community to encourage EVERYONE to celebrate their own achievements as artists, and to take their next step!


To do that I need YOUR help! I need you to 1) write your artistic milestone on a couple pieces of cardstock, and 2) hold them up in a video clip or a couple stills, then 3) send them to me! Watch the video below or click HERE for a bit more info.

What kind of milestone am I talking about? It can be small or large. It might really just mean something to you – an “Aha!” moment that opened up your thinking as a creative person. Any medium. Any point in the creative process. You don’t have to show the creation, but you can if you wish! And your milestonoe needn’t be something you learned from me…I just want to celebrate your growth!

Here are a few ideas:

  • can color a turtle so it looks like it’s round!
  • finished watercolor class and framed one of my paintings!
  • can now tell the difference between warm and cool colors!
  • can paint clouds!
  • joined a design team!
  • wrote a guest blog for a company!
  • sold enough cards to pay for my daughter’s ballet lessons!

What is YOUR milestone? Are you willing to share it so others can celebrate with you – and be encouraged by you?

If so, fill out the form at the end of this post so your submission ends up in the right part of my inbox, and upload your video file or up to three still pics. Be sure to wait for it to upload (you’ll see a confirmation message.) If your file is too big, you’ll get a message about that. And if you can’t get it to work, then just send the form with a message to that effect and we’ll deal with it by email. If your file came through fine, you won’t hear back – but if something goofed up, I’ll email you.

What’s in it for you?

In the final video, I’ll link to the site-of-choice for each artist (it can sort of be a hop!) —your blog, Instagram, etsy, YouTube, or whatever site your art is on. (I reserve the right to not link to non-family-friendly sites.) You don’t have to be linked if you don’t wish.

You’ll also be entered into a drawing for stamps, dies, and art supplies! I have a growing prize box that I’ll divvy into flat rate envelopes and announce winners in the big video. Good luck!

Bonus video this week

If it takes a minute to upload your files, click HERE to be entertained while it does – and go see my Snowman card over on Ellen Hutson’s site. (It’ll open up a new window for you, so come back here to be sure your submission went in!

Call for Milestones is closed now. Thank you to all who participated!