Have you got pens that are stuck? Won’t write? Won’t make snow? A little while back I shared a Tiny Tutorial on social media – and today I decided I would try out a couple of the techniques. They were suggestions from various artists and manufacturers…..and I found some of my own dead pens to test out.

Why is this urgent right now?……

Am I right or what? Ha!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

The two widths of pens

With further research, it’s the UM number that points you to the pens of different tip size – the long number, though, is for those with stores who might need the bar code number that might help you order. LMK if you need more info off of the pens themselves.

The original “tiny tutorial”

On Thursdays I’ve been posting these mini tutorials on my main Instagram account, and more art-related ones on my fine art account. They’re quick to digest a few main points, and I do a bunch of research to put together into these.

Doodling class, anyone?

Once you get your pens going you might find you want to take a doodling class – and I’ve got the perfect one for you…Whimsical Patterns!


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