You knew I had to make an Underwater Christmas Card with the new Lawn Fawn Christmas Fishes, right? Yep. Had to! I have been loving underwater scenes for a couple years now since the classes in Copic, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil – they’re just too much fun!

I did put a realtime version of this (with just music) in the Underwater Scenes Copic class, so if you’ve taken that and would like a realtime video to color along with, just log back in and go to the bonus lesson. (You may have to click “Mark Complete” on the lesson before it.)


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

In this video though, hopefully you caught my main tip here – if you want to do crazy scenes, sometimes you have to just not give up. Be bold and keep going even if it looks like a mess for a while! Think through the colors – what transitional colors will get you from a yellow ochre to navy blue? What’s on the color wheel between them, and how desaturated should they be? Then try something.

These are the colors I ended up with. Probably an easier way to get there but then, well…..I go round the block all the time! ha!

The extra bonus with crazy-colored cards, aside from being super fun? Flat in the mail! With mailing over 250 Christmas cards every year that means a lot. Especially since lots of mine go overseas; I send out cards to patrons throughout the year, but the most in one season are the Christmas ones, and lots of my amazing supporters live overseas. So yep I like flat cards, and I cannot lie!


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