I’m back with….more wax seals! ha! I got these new custom stamps – one monogram, one logo – a few weeks ago and am so tickled with them I just had to share. They’re not for everyone, and I get that – but if you’re in the market for something custom these are worth looking at. Both companies, by the way, make custom stamps.


Here’s the video – you can watch it below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.


Located in Hong Kong – they’ve got excellent customer service, and they’re pricier than some others, primarily because of the Fed Ex shipping; if you don’t need a stamp made, you can order through Raleigh Paper. The coolest part of what I loved about their waxes? A shimmer of metallic flecks – like a micah powder has been mixed in! They’re pretty up close but hard to photograph.

I ordered my custom Bespoke monogram stamp – you can pick fonts, 2 letters or 3, choose a border, customize the handle color….the pebbles came in a small bottle so my seal spilled over a little on the cork top. oopsie!

If you know me, you know I like desaturated colors – these really speak to me! My hope is to maybe match the color or theme of the artwork I’m sending out with the wax color. Maybe. No one else may notice but I’ll know. Not mentionoed in the video: Stamptitude sells the little round 3M stickybacks, but since I am clearly incapable of making a perfect round stamp….my sploogies would flip up. So making them ahead isn’t an option for me.

The Bespoke stamp comes in a really nice box, with a stick of wax and instruction card.

If giving a monogram stamp as a gift, the Melting Kit would be a nice companion – really nicely packaged.


This is my second order – I really liked their waxes, they’re so glossy! If stamped well (which I only do on occasion as I learn!), the gloss carries over to the flat part of the design too. I uploaded my logo design with text and they created the logo stamp for me – again customizing the handle color etc.

These are the colors I have from Artisaire in wax beads – I do have a couple colors in gluesticks too. I bought the jars separately here.

I used the Peony 3D stamp to create seals on the tops of my bottles.

The rest of my wax

Can anyone say UUUUGGGHHH? Man, my Purchasing Department (also me) went just a little bananas buying wax. I like to get some beginner supplies to compare to high end stuff, so I can advise you of what the differences are; once we know what makes a good supply different from a lower level one, we can make informed choices in our purchases. I kinda feel like a canary in the coal mine….but I do now have plenty of pretty wax colors now. Not the ones I want, but lots of pretty colors! Know that I haven’t found any on Amazon that are beyond what I’d call entry level/beginner/crafty supplies; I haven’t seen the good stuff there, but the ones you find there are also not so awful you can’t use them. We’re making cards, not high end works of art, so get what you can and enjoy playing with it!


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