A long-awaited TA DA moment – this drawing was started way back in 2019 and it’s only now getting done! ha….sometimes I just can’t seem to stay on track. But it’s done, and it feels good!

I like to change up my video “intro” every two years or so – and when I did that back in 2019, there was a little clip of this rose drawing. Which subsequently landed in an empty pad of Stonehenge paper, to get moved around the studio repeatedly over the last bunch of years! I kept thinking I needed to get back to it, but I knew just how much work it would take to get it done.

That proved true – five solid days of work on it! (And you thought I was ‘resting’ on sabbatical??)


Watch the video to see it transformed below or click HERE to watch on YouTube. (The extended version is available to patrons at the $5+ level per month.)

When creating a larger piece like this I keep glassine handy – it keeps me from smudging or getting the oils from my hand on the pigment. The color before I got started was really pale, you can see that in the rose on the left….

I’ve started keeping my little Pantone cup to hold the colors for longer-term projects – it keeps the selection together and I don’t have to wonder which got put back in the case.

Colors used:

The finished piece made me so happy! I’ve put it into my Fine Art shop HERE

…and also uploaded to Society6 HERE.

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