Hello there, and welcome to the second post in my Ferris Wheel inks pair! At the end of this post is a special request so I’d appreciate it if you scroll through to the end 🙂

If you missed my last post – let me reprise:

I’m so excited to bring a new partner into my world: Ferris Wheel Press! You may know how much I love pen and ink – not only drawing with it but painting too. And inks that have spectacular properties like many of FWP’s? Oh baby!

I was so thrilled to receive a message from Ferris Wheel a few weeks ago, inviting me to partner with them. I’ve been off the shopping train for a while now, so receiving their new releases is going to be such a treat. And I’ll receive a small commission when you make a purchase – at no extra cost to you.

But this partnership is not just good for me. It’s good for YOU!  

Use ALLNOCK at checkout and you’ll get 10% off your purchase at Ferris Wheel Press!


See my previous post for the swatching of these three newly-released colors:


The Sherry Sonata

Knitted Nettle


Tutorial: Tri-Color Ink Painting

I challenged myself to create a painting using all three inks – and not just sandwiching them together, but to find a nice way to do it. What do you think of my flamingo?

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Soft pink

I wanted to see JUST how soft I could turn that pink – so I mixed ink and water in a little bowl, and also wet the paper thoroughly first.

Warmer when dark!

Inks do such different things compared to watercolor – the brick-like color of Sherry Sonata is a soft, cool pink when applied lightly as in the previous photo. But when more ink is applied it gets darker and more brown. Mixed with some purple in the Auroreolis, it made for an insteresting swirling blend in the beak.

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Recovery mode

After realizing too late that I hadn’t dried the paper completely – I had a bloop! But making the entire Knitted Nettle background darker worked nicely, and I used water from the plunger inside of my water bottle to create some light bokeh texture.

Pink feathers

Managing the amount of water vs ink in the mix was a challenge – more water in the areas nearest the highlight, then a more dense ink mixture for shadows within shadows, while keeping the color still very light so I don’t lose the pink hue.

What I love about ink painting

While it’s stressful – I love that ink “does its thing” faster than watercolor. Not that I love panicking when ink starts to run, but it causes me to stay in the moment. I can’t “plan” the outcome as well as I can with watercolor! I think more ink painting will likely make me a better watercolorist too—I’m looking forward to this journey with Ferris Wheel Press!

Special request

I have a small request for you: can you help me with the YouTube algorithm? They changed something in the last month or so, and I’m hearing it’s not just me, lots of artists had a sudden drastic drop in views. More than a 50% drop!

I’d like to ask you to do something that I do for channels I like:

Go to the YT channel, click on the “videos” tab, and hit play, and let it run. I do this in a background tab while I’m doing other things on my computer, muting YT if needed so I can do my other tasks, and rack up views for my favorite artists. Even if they’re only videos I occasionally want to see, I can support them and help their channel by letting the videos play and tapping a thumbs up on a bunch of them.

It’s not a huge effort, but can mean a ton to a channel. You see, far from YouTubers getting rich, my own payments each month average about $150-$200. And with 2 videos a week, 4 weeks a month…I’m spending the majority of my time every month creating free content for… about $200. It’s not sustainable when I’m struggling to pay basic bills, and I am finally seriously entertaining how to move forward if things keep going backwards on YT with the new algorithm settings they’ve employed.

I would be so grateful if you’d just let the videos play – of course watching and getting inspired would be great too, but at this point….I’ll be happy for whatever you can do.

Thank you for the support of my work!

PS If you’re interested in doing more to support my work, you can also join Patreon, take a class, purchase an original….all the usuals!)


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  1. Ferris Wheel Press The Sherry Sonata (red-pink) 
  2. Ferris Wheel Press Knitted Nettle (turquoise) 
  3. Ferris Wheel Press Aurorealis (purple) 
  4. Arches Cold Press sheets

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