After using the Sketchmarker Aqua last week, and testing them against other pens, I had a few emails asking what’s up with the alcohol pens, so it was time to update ya!

The Sketchmarker company is HQ’d in the region affected so terribly by the war in Europe – and had a hiatus of a sort, and are getting back on it now. That followed some confusion with an intermediary distributor – and that meant I have most of a full set, yet not a full set, so there’s no hex chart yet. However, I trust that’ll loosen up at some point, but I’m giving them grace to get all the balls back in the air before bugging anyone over some missing pens. I’ll let you know as soon as I have a hex chart ready; the best way to be sure you’re the first to know about it? Sign up for the email list at, since that’s the first place I usually send out updates like that! (I’ll be updating you here and YT and social too, but that email list is typically just new-product-related; right now it’s still in weekly email mode with the Peace Love and Art challenge but after that will revert to only sending emails when there’s a new thing.)

Okay let’s get on to today’s project – and the theme for this week: Silhouettes! And don’t worry, you don’t have to be someone who draws a lot to accomplish a nice silhouette – you can use a stamp and just create a few simple elements to create a scene! I’ll show you some stamp ideas on social media all week.


Watch the video below or click here to watch on YT.

The Sketchmarker colors used in this drawing:

Something to note: these pens are quite affordable when buying a set – the bigger the pack, the better the discount. They’re $2.25 per pen when you buy 96! (That set is a bit over $200) However you might just want a few colors, and those singles are more costly, $4.85. Please don’t go getting mad at retailers when you see that; the set referred to on Amazon is directly from the manufacturer, and any crafty store has to price a bit above what they buy it for so they can stay in business. Some manufacturers price products at the same cost as retailers, just to prevent everyone getting upset.

Once I do create a hex chart I’ll work out some recommendations that are the colors that best fill in the Copic set of colors, so if you just want to add a handful, I’ll help you work that out at that time.


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