Today you can watch the transformation of a stamp from one ethnicity to another! I had colored this in a class, and then shared it on Instagram later – and so many people wanted to see it happen that I made a video. You’re welcome!

Transforming Twirl Anya

As you may know if you’re a follower, I’ve been encouraging people to start coloring their stamps in different ethnicities. The craft world can do our little part to contribute to the beautiful diversity around us if we try! In today’s video I’ll show you how you can take a stamp like Twirl Anya and change her from the way she’s usually colored – a little caucasian gal – to a darling girl with deep skin and ringlets in her hair! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Colors used: E15 E57 V05 C6 100 RV04 RV09 0 B97 E18 G07 B05

There are many stamps you can transform in similar ways; simply ink them up and “wipe” the lines of hair off with a babywipe before stamping. You can draw in your own hair! Or do as I did in this one, hiding the lines of the hair within dark lines for the ringlets.

Sandy Allnock - Twirl Anya Tranformation


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