Have you heard of Tiffany Glass Stamp & Doodle technique? I bet not, because I just coined the term! 🙂 I’ve been thinking of the people of Hawaii for weeks, and created these tropical-themed designs with them in mind. The stamps were perfect for the idea!

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Tutorial: Tiffany Glass Stamp & Doodle: 3 ways

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

The paper

I stumbled on this vintage watercolor paper online – every sheet is different, and I wondered what it would be like to paint on. Terrible for watercolor, but great for gouache! 

Technique 1: Pre-draw graphic

I created a grid, drew some angled lines, so I could create a bit of a pattern. The background color is the complement of the flower – yellows vs purples, so they really vibrate on the piece. Doing the doodles afterward is lots easier than doing the drawing part in pen first; getting the paint right up to the line without going over is too hard, but the lines later work great.

Technique #2: Ignore the graphics

I started by drawing fronds in the background – but really didn’t like them by the time I painted the bird of paradise. With gouache I could just ignore the lines, and painted shapes that worked in the space available. Cool colors in the background and warm in the flower in the front.

Technique #3: Skip the graphics

This time I gave in – I hadn’t liked being controlled by the sketch so skipped it and just painted leaf shapes! I made the colors pastel cools, then doodled like mad all over. So much fun!

Use any medium for this technique!

I can easily see using other mediums and papers – get out your markers, paints, waterbased markers…..and go to town with a pen!


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  1. Phyllis

    These are wonderful cards and really do a nice job of creating the stain glass look.

  2. Valerija

    Beautiful projects! Great coloring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dorothy Ayotte

    Wonderful video and beautiful cards! Can’t wait to try your pretty technique.

  4. Ms. Tamp

    Nice idea for the looks.

  5. Diana Clark

    Absolutely amazing and beautiful!

  6. Donna Blade

    Sandy, your talent and creativity inspire me! These are stunning pieces of art!

  7. Lisa H

    Beautiful cards, -what a great design idea. Very nice -makes those flower glow!!

  8. Cathy T

    Oh My, you have such artistry, beautiful!

  9. Lori Jones

    Your cards are wonderful, so bright and bold.

  10. Cindy Madrulli

    Sandy, you’ve done it again. Oohed and awed us. Your designs with this set remind me of why I love museums and so thankful for all the good things that come from Colorado Craft company. thank you for blessing us with your talents and kindness to share. Keep up the wonderful work.

  11. Nancy Q

    I love your creative progression with these gorgeous cards

  12. S. M.

    Lovely cards!! Love the Iris as it reminds me so much of my childhood – they grew wild in my hometown.

  13. Deborah Marriott

    I just love this technique

  14. Sue D

    Wow–love the stained glass look.

  15. Bunny Hoyle

    I love the stained glass look. These are beautifully colored.

  16. Susan Beane

    I love the Columbine! Our state flower – Colorado!

  17. Alexandra Y

    Such a fun way to use these stamps! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Char

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  19. Marcia Hauan

    Your creativity is so inspiring. I love all 3 cards with the ink doodle card being my favorite. I am loving your Gouache painting class and also enjoying the Artventure site. Thank you for all you do for artist!


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