I spent a few evenings this week working on ONE card. Yes, ONE. Sometimes I just get all tickled with how something’s working out and just can’t stop! So while I don’t expect many will be trying this one – I thought I’d film the last camel, and maybe someone will at least be inspired to spend more than a little time on a card for your mama!

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I bought this Hero Arts stamp set because I was intrigued…floral nativity? How might that look? And I had a few fails at first – so many little stamps, little details. Are the flowers supposed to be on the barn “arch”? Why are Mary and Joseph too tall for the barn? I wasn’t at all sure. Then there’s one big snowflake…what to do, what to do!

I stacked the stamps up, trying to figure out what they’d look like as a scene – and the scene wasn’t going to fit on a regular card….so I went slimline!


In the video you’ll see a little of the camel coloring, along with a discussion of my thoughts along the way about the card – and a bit on using fixative (fixatif en Francais!)…..

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The left half of the card…..light emanates from Baby Jesus….

Right side of the scene, the light is from above, with a “glow” around the Christmas lights on one camel.

A much simpler idea: make a wreath out of the flowers in the set, letting the bottom of the people stamps hide behind it. I added white pen detail, but you could emboss the white sections on top if you wish.

This was a practice to play with colors to decide what to do with the big card. before starting on it.


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