Some of the projects that get the most attention ’round here are the flubs – when stuff goes wrong! Well, this one nearly had me starting over, but…as I always tell YOU – it’s just paper. If it screws up, keep going til you learn something. And in this case, I think I found a very cool technique!

The intent was just to color pretty poinsettias. And fortunately I taped all that part before The Incident. So if you just want to learn to color them normally you can.

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In the middle of the video I started creating what I had hoped to be a faux watercolor background….several colors blended, dripped, and sprayed with a mister full of colorless blender, so it would look like watercolor but be in Copic instead. Then….The Incident happened! See it all in the video:

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As you saw, the colorless blender “pushed” the color to the back side. The flowers retained their shape and shading – just a little fuzzy around the edges. But the color! So much more vibrant than regular coloring! You can see the difference:

To “tidy” things up, I did some loose sketchy lines around the outside edges of the flowers. Sooooooo pretty!

Want more ideas like this?

There’s a class that has a technique similar enough to this that I shouldn’t have been surprised – I didn’t know it would work as it did, though. But if you love these kinds of crazy things to do with your Copics, check out the Copic Art Journaling class, and your fancy will be tickled!

Copic Art Journaling Class


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