I had such positive feedback to the Tiny Tutorial on Instagram, then reposting it here, that I decided to create a short version for YouTube as well; I know lots of folks follow on one or another, but when I find something really helpful, I’m trying to cover all the bases. This time you get to see the “group photo” analogy with actual stamps!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

Start by “stacking” your stamps in order — the ones in the back, or behind, first….then the ones in front, on the top. Close the MISTI and pick up the stamps on top, and stamp them. (Might doublecheck alignment with the grid to be sure they don’t go down crooked.)

Get a masking paper ready – I like Eclipse tape, it’s basically stickynote level stickiness so you can use it, and move it, and reuse it til it loses its stickiness. I tear off a piece of a size that I need for the stamp. Stamp the image to be masked on it. If using pigment ink give it a sec to dry so you don’t get it all over your fingers. And if using a stickynote, be sure the sticky part is going to be part of the mask. Nothing like doing the cutting only to find that the adhesive is on the part you cut off!

Cut around the image – in the area it will NEED to be cut. If only the front paw has the next stamp layered behind it, no need to cut out the whole thing. And if there are tiny hard-to-cut-out parts, I cut the mask a little BIGGER than that area, and you’ll see why in a sec.

See those antlers? I didn’t trim them close. No problemo…..

Stamp the 2nd image and then peel off the mask – voila! The cat is in front of the dog! (The Xs are so no one is tempted to try to print from even my fuzzyish image.)

Here’s the magic: in any area that the stamping isn’t perfect — because the mask was trimmed a little big — just use a pen to fill in those tiny lines! It’s a lot easier than all that fussy trimming.

Head over to the MFT blog to check out the coloring of the final card in Prismacolor!


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