I just bought these. Like, yesterday. I know, I know! I bumped another video coz I was on a roll and shot a video while I was playing! Christmastime is coming, and while this isn’t a Christmas card video, I really wanted to share some shimmer to get ya in the mood, eh?

I haven’t played with watercolor powders in eons, but if you’re into them and want to learn more, click HERE. These are new-ish to me – not Colorburst necessarily but the Catherine Pooler set; and the Nuvo I hadn’t seen at all before. So you get my first try with them!

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The water-inspired cards…..with gold paper liners inside and pretty gold embossing. (Wow Gold Rich powder)

Pretty flowers, and shiny metallics….

Simple trees – the Nuvo powders have a super soft shimmer to them.

The Cocoa Powder spray is SUPER shiny! Just not in a very directed spritz. lol.


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