Hello! And welcome to my midweek Technique Refresh post for this week. By request, I’m showing how to make Christmas lights glow…the “refresh” part is to get a Snoopy card on my YouTube channel to recover from that very first (AWFUL) video I ever posted on my channel. And no I’m not linking to it. It’s that bad! lol!

Before you watch – please know the Snoopy stamp doesn’t seem to be available online anymore. So sad! I’ve even emailed a bunch of places I’ve seen it before, and they don’t appear to be making it anymore. Watch eBay, stuff shows up there randomly, maybe you’ll find one. (Or if you have one and don’t want it, it could be worth a lot, so sell it!)

I had created a practice image and didn’t do the background spray on it – I think my markers were juicier so the blending worked better the first time. I kept the design more clean and modern here:


If you can’t view the video below, please click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

Sandy Allnock Snoopy's Christmas Lights 2


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