An oops – Friday you got TWO posts – both the pencil card with the two little kids, and the rainbow rose. One was supposed to happen Monday, but….yeah. Stuff happens, right? So don’t be disappointed if you have nothing on Monday morning! I had a chat just this past week with my Patrons, and after they heard about my crazy process, I’m pretty sure they understand how the boo boo happened!

Happy Superbowl!

I saw this and thought some of my non-football-watching friends might enjoy. I’ll be watching the game, but just barely. LOL.

Black History Month

This month I’m trying something on Instagram – sharing a coloring of some kind, every day, with people of diversity. Sometimes it’ll be Copic, watercolor, pencil….sometimes a card, a painting, etc. I’m encouraging others to join in too – so if you do, use #dailydiversity all during the month of February, or at least tag me to come see!

Coming soon

For those who like lettering, the 30 Days of Bible Lettering folks are going to host another challenge in March, so stay tuned on Instagram! I’ve got a guest day, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

A note to Instagrammers

For those who share creations on Instagram – there’s a site that I only just learned of (maybe I’ve been under a rock!) that links more easily to the product used on the card you post. In the past we’ve had to change the link in our profile for a day – big pain. This works great – here’s my page…I just started using it a few days ago.

The way it works: the site pull images from your Instagram account, and if you add a link (on their site) to the stamp or whatever that’s used, that image will show up on your LinkedInProfile page. If you provide no link, it won’t show up. You can use this to link directly to your blog post, or if it’s just a single product or something (I link to the stamp), you can link directly to a shop where folks can buy it. Sure saves a lot of questions or explanations in captions! They do have a free trial period so you can test it out. Click here to see more: LinkInProfile.