It’s a busy Monday – but hopefully I kept the video tight enough to cover it all without taking up your day! There are three parts –

  • How to draw a sunflower, using a compass
  • Free downloadable sunflowers if you’d rather only color
  • A new Copic flowers class


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

This sunflower is hopefully easier than you had imagined! The steps, short form:

  1. Draw a circle for the full flower. Divide that circle in half so you can draw a second circle for the disk full of ray florets (oooh fancy word) in the middle.
  2. Draw a horizontal and vertical line through the middle, then criss cross, then one between each of those – that will give you 16 petals evenly spaced.
  3. Begin to create petals, rotating between different shapes – some small, some curled, some normal.
  4. Add veins with darker (harder pressure) on the inside where it attaches to the disk.
  5. Draw spiral lines and create scribbles around them.
  6. Shade the inside of the concave center, and add a little shading to the outer edge of the disk.
  7. Be proud of your drawing!

Free Printable Sunflowers

Click on any photo to go to the site offering these free images – and send them a thank you by email, or even better on their social media….and maybe buy something else while you’re on their site!

New Realistic Flowers in Copic Marker class

It’s getting to be spring, and we’re in need of some sunshine, aren’t we!? I’m so tired of rain and snow and ready to move on. So let’s do it in art even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating yet.

This is a level 2 class – and each of these printable flowers can be bought without the class, or if you get the class it’s included. (If you buy them then change your mind and want the class, let me know and I’ll refund the digital image purchase.) The lessons in this class are in realtime, though I don’t talk through every second – there’s not much to say when it’s repeating the same steps over and over.


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