Sunflower Copic Painting on Framed Silk

Silk? As in silk fabric? Why yes! Also check out the blog post for all the other sunflowers from social media this week!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

It’s the end of sunflower week – and oh my what fun this was! I’ve had these silk hoops a while, and had all kinds of plans for them, but…well, I diverted into trying Copic just to see, and it’s so easy! The markers just gliiiiiiide across the fabric.

This one has grown on me since I shot the video… was a learning piece but it didn’t come out so bad!

Both hoops are for sale

The one drawn in the video and the one with the sky that was only shown are both for sale if anyone would like them – let me know if you hang it in a window, I’m so curious how well they hold up!?


In case you missed the week’s sunflowers, here are links that go with the pics below!


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