It’s Monday…it’s July….and it’s time for new stamps for the Summer of Stamping! And they’re FLOWERS this time! I’ve got a watercolor and a Copic card to share – afterward be sure to go see what’s up over on Ellen’s blog, she’s got a hop today and more inspiration all week.

View on YouTube.

Mondo Pansy in watercolor

This is a simple way to do a watercolor – stamp the flowers all-over and paint them pink, then after dry paint in the background. Leave a little white and it makes you look like you meant to make it loose!

For the background you can leave the light color and just paint in the leaves in the dark – or paint the background dark and leave the leaves lighter!

You Should Know

This is a technique I had on a card I had posted last month on social media – with a surprisingly small number oof markers! The image is stamped twice and more flowers were added.

The color combo below:

Adding an extra card to this post….I was in a green mood today! Yes this is a one-layer card, it’s all stamped in the Lime Rickey. 3 greens (YG03, YG17, G46) and a white pen. I shaded the letters and border myself. Check out a video of a yellow version here in watercolor!


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The new stamps:

Watercolor card:

Copic Card: