Welcome to a lesson on stamping and gouache together! I’m pairing the lesson with a celebration with Colorado Craft Company’s Christmas in July release – they always throw the best parties!

Gouache is opaque watercolor – it has some properties of watercolor, but also a few others! There are many techniques to use, and in my previous post, Getting Started with Gouache Painting, is one you might decide to visit to get tons more information!

(See the bloghop list as well as prize info at the end of this post!)

Tutorial: Using strong color: stamping and gouache!

Not all the cards are shown in process, but several are…..see notes below along with photos for tips from each card.

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Just Add Snow

Just Add Snow is a set with two images – I made two cards, one with an extremely simple background (a flood of color) and the other has clouds painted atop it. In the Gouache Jumpstart class, students will learn both clouds plus 2 different techniques to make birch bark.

Bird Perch Mini

Bird Perch Mini has the rabbit and bird as two stamps; the image on the package shows the bird standing on the rabbit’s ear, but I opted for top of the head to point toward the sentiment.

The bunny was stamped, then the background was painted on top of the edges of the stamp lines. As you saw in the video, a little bird is easy to paint atop a light background color. And the MISTI makes it so easy to restamp with each figure added to the scene!


Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange is going to be a card for my sister’s cat from my dog! They haven’t met, but my sister fell in love with Vienna when she visited me recently, and Vienna loves kitties and is gentle with them. I think they’d be pals. 

Since I wanted the to be nose-to-nose, I had to have an alternate plan for stamping since I couldn’t do them together. I chose to paint the background around the dog stamp, then paint the cat on top, since it wouldn’t mean painting white on top of red.

Sneaky Mice

Sneaky Mice is a sweet little peekaboo mouse scene. I debated whether to put them in an indoor or outdoor setting; I liked outdoor, because it shows Santa visits the critters out in the wild, it’s not just sneaky mice stealing people’s stocking stuffers!

The moon shows what gouache looks like when color “lifts”; the white was painted atop the blue, and picked up some color. In this case I left it since it made it look more moon-like!

Mice Lights

With a complex image like Mice Lights, painting the background right across the entire stamp was the approach I took. That meant the yellow is underneath all the tangle of wires, and painting them on top worked great.

Cozy Cat

In this painting of Cozy Cat. gouache was helpful! I had painted the wall in the back a dusty rose color and decided the complex image was a little too messy for a light color – the eye needed help to “see” all the detail. I could paint the nice flat black right over it easily in gouache.

Meowy Christmas

A simply drawn image like Meowy Christmas is easy to paint since it’s just shapes. But getting flat coverage takes practice! (Clearly I need more. ha!) Have some tiny brushes on hand for making patterns on giftwrap.

Peaceful Fox

I painted Peaceful Fox  in a much looser illustrative style. Starting with dark color to deepen the center of the tree and eliminating one figure under the tree, then using water to spread the color to the outside and giving it a watercolor feel. I could then get very loose and messy with the pine branches, especially since I was adding thick chunky snow. And a toothbrush makes wonderful fine snow!

Mice Ornaments

I bet you didn’t know mice decorate trees! Mice Ornaments  has two lil mice hugging a snowman ornament. I had painted this without knowing what I’d do for a scene; there was a lot of white and especially the snowman looked “weak” on a white background. That meant darkening it to increase contrast which worked well. I painted over the string on the snowman and tail on the little mouse, and could just paint them back in on top with gouache.

3 Kings

Last but not least the 3 Kings!

This went through stages – first painted by itself, not knowing the ‘scene’ that I would create. Since I’d stamped the star I knew it would be night and started increasing shadows, then it was still so busy against the bluish purple sky – so I put them inside a barn to give it a nice dramatic frame.

About that class!

The new Gouache Jumpstart class teaches color theory for the first few lessons, then jumps into paintings…..you don’t need drawing skills! I made them nice and easy, and there’s photos in case you decide to trace them.

There is not any stamping in the course, however – this video today has been added to the PreClass lesson. So if you decide to try it later, that’ll be handy when you do for ideas on how you can maybe tackle stamping and gouache together!

Bloghop and giveaway!

There are 2 giveaways!!

CCC will give away one free clear stamp set from comments on my blog – they will choose the winner randomly and contact them.

If you use my affiliate link (any on this page) to make a purchase, you will be entered to win the entire release. . ($270 Value!!)

Bloghop links:

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Jennifer Kotas

Jessica Frost-Ballas

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Sandy Allnock

Adam Karle 
Jasleen Kaur
Joe Sysavath
Laura Inguz
Traci Jenkins


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  1. Diane Willey

    Great lesson for gouache painting. Always love how you use Anita Jeram’s images.

  2. Tracy T

    Love these cards. I wasn’t sure what gouache was, but now I know! So vibrant.

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  6. Jennifer Elliot

    The sky on Sneaky Mice card is amazing- I do want to try this!! Inspiring!!

  7. Karen Carlson

    I purchased a gouache set a few years ago and have only used the white for splatters. This opens up a new world of possibilities. Thank you. The CCC sets are awesome too!

  8. Linda

    Thank you for using this paint with stamps. I love your stories about the animals and why they are there doing what they are doing!

  9. Becky Gregory

    All of these cards are so cute! I like the way used the gouache with them

  10. Denise Bryant

    Each card is a treat! Wonderful use of the colors to bring these critters and their scenes to life! I especially love the lighting and shadows on your 3 Kings card!

  11. Candy Miller

    Sandy, I love the way you always share beautiful photos of your work. Being able to see the details up close and how you explain your processes is so helpful! I loved all of the stamps! The cards–every one of them was so darn cute! I was quite surprised at the size of the brush you used for backgrounds and larger area! You have a very steady hand! It floored me to see you stamp the image on top of the gouache paint! That’s down right brilliant! I love the bright colors you get with the gouache. I haven’t stamped in years…but you’ve made this look fun and doable! Many thanks for all you do and share! 🙂

  12. Sherri Little

    Always very informative.

  13. Vicki Kroll

    I love all the useful information you provide to us newbies. Your cards and techniques always inspire me to do more and these cards, scenes, and coloring are exceptional.

  14. Dorothy Ayotte

    Your cards are incredible. Thank you for your fantastic teaching and I look forward to joining your classes.

  15. Lisa Greder

    Love this! I have gouache, I never really new what I could do with it.never even dawned on me to use my stamps with it. Opens up a whole new world! Thank You!

  16. Marisela Delgado

    Exceptional cards as always. So beautiful!

  17. Janet Comby

    I love all of these cards ! I just bought a set of gouache paints !

  18. Jan Mills

    The stamps are awesome and you bring them to life with your new technique. I look forward to trying.

  19. Jeanne Rice

    I just love how you designed the Just Add Snow and Bird Perch cards. One of my favorites.

  20. Arlene Donald

    Thanks for showing that! Great to see another media being used with stamps.

  21. Kari DiBiaso

    Loving the colors!

  22. Lori Spitzer

    Dear Sandy –
    I remain in awe of your talent. As a teacher of 30 years’ experience, I can see when another person has the gift of teaching. I am going to keep this gouache class in mind. I absolutely love how you’ve treated all of these images. Three Kinds is my favorite for the out-of-the-box way you made that scene!
    Lori S in PA

  23. Bunny Hoyle

    The link is broken at the CCC to your name.

    Love this new release. It’s all so cute.

    • Sandy Allnock

      Oh shoot! I’ll go find out what happened.

  24. Kat Nasevich

    WOW!! Soooo beautiful. looking forward to watching your video! THANKS!!!

  25. Jayne Hunt

    Breathtaking vibrant cards! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  26. Teri Duncan

    You are so very talented Sandy! Love your cards and will be back to take your class!

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    Hi Sandy. Just an FYI, the link to your sight from the CCC email about this hop is broken. I get a 404 error on Bitly.

  28. Sherry W

    Your scenes are The Best! I have my eye on the Sneaky Mice….

  29. Amanda

    This is a great video, the gouache is a revelation. It looks amazing on your cards especially that snowy tree in the fine misty snowfal. Just wonderful. As for the release Anita Jeram is my favorite for cute critters. Thanks for all your hepl and advice with colouring. x

  30. Caroline

    wow, you are so amazing!!!

  31. Nohemi

    I love them! They are all amazing is i credible what you can create Sandy!

    • Janice Hixon

      I was so disappointed that I couldn’t get the link to you to open from the CCC release site. You always do the prettiest work and I learn so much from you. I love gouache, so I am thrilled to see you pair it with stamping. Great video! Thank you, Sandy!

      • Sandy Allnock

        I checked and it works but a few people seem to have had a problem 🙁

  32. Margot Ferrera

    I love your ideas! Your have a way to include someone’s interest in your cards & designs! I enjoy seeing what you create & looking forward to your posts! Thank you!

    • Margot Ferrera

      AND, I meant to mention that I’m going to finally be a Great Grandma to a baby girl in Sept 2023! I painted the similar rabbits from your card from a collection called “Guess How much I Love you” on a Box that turned out soooo cute! I would LOVE THIS STAMP!!

  33. Eliece Edge

    This post has inspired me to dig out my gouache and try it with your stamping technique. I’ve practiced calligraphy for about 40 years, and that’s how I became acquainted with gouache, although I would never have thought to use it with stamping. I’m excited to try it. Thank you.



    • Bianca

      Can’t wait to watch the video on YouTube. I love Christmas stamps and these ones are adorable.

  35. Liz E

    Oh my gosh I’m so glad you provided details about over-painting the images – I was horrified when I saw you using the wide paintbrush ! LOL But you’ve convinced me that I need gouache.
    As always, your cards are works of art; I love them all.

  36. Maria Pane

    oh my gosh – these are adorable and i’m amazed with these techniques! just wow!

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    Oh my! Too much inspiration to soak in. I will be revisiting this post again and again!

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    The strong, bold colors give these stamps a whole new look. Love this look!

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    So cute as always! Love how you have intensified the colors and that makes me want to stretch myself that way.

  40. Theresa

    you make me want all the stamps. your coloring is always so fantastic. my grand daughter just asked me about gouache paints. wish she lived closer so we could do your class together. thanks as always for sharing and all the inspiration.

  41. Lori Kennedy

    Oh, Sandy! These cards are absolutely stunning. Each one so unique – but a beautiful series when all placed together. I cannot pick a favorite – each one is lovely! I enjoy seeing your makes and watching your videos explaining your techniques. Thank you for sharing your ideas with this new release! Superb! ❄️

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    Oh those are amazingly vibrant colors! Great way to showcase the new CCC release.

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    These are beautiful. I never would have thought to get such bold color with these stamps.

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    Your cards are so wonderful. I have taken classes from you. The CC release is so adorable as always. I will be watching your videos.

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    I’ve been a casual stamper for a few years. But until I started watching your blogs, I never considered myself artistic enough to color in my stamps. But with your encouragement, I am having so much fun – right now with Copic markers. Your posts about watercolor and gouache are nudging me to take even more risks. Thank you!!

  46. Kathryn Faille

    These cards are sooo cute and I love how fun they are with gouache!

  47. Arlene R

    Love this! Will be trying it with some cheaper gouache I found.

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    Woooow, your colouring has just blown me away, loving the blog hop (sadly unable to comment on the Insta & a few of the other blogs) but everyones creations are amazing and I can see everyone on the team loooooove Anitas artwork, as do I. Jane x

  50. Paula Corcoran

    I love your enthusiasm and encouragement to use my other colouring stash. The stamp set looks so different with the gouache not just stamping and ink. Love the new release.


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