And thus it begins – Rome watercolor paintings! I have a gajillion photos I want to paint (ha, don’t worry, I won’t burden you with them all!)…and decided to jump in and tackle this one!

I’ve been doodling around with watercolor quite a bit – lots that ended up in the circular file. But for some reason I decided to get out a sheet of the GOOD watercolor paper, and turned on the camera *just* in case it wasn’t a waste of a sheet of it. And guess what? It worked! I can tell you it surprised even me. It is AMAZING the difference that quality paper makes. I know I say that in my cardmaking all the time…now I can vouch for it with painting too.ย 

I wish I could do a voiceover on a video like this at the start of my watercolor journy…so far I honestly have no idea how to explain what I’m doing. I do have a few details I can provide….**updated in 2020 with better info!

  1. I usedย Kuretake watercolors. These are no longer the paints I use (I now use Daniel Smith pretty exclusively)
  2. I’m weird in that I mix paints on the paper and layer colors, just like I do with my Copics – most people mix on a palette. I know I need to be a grownup and start doing it the ‘real’ way, but this has just seemed easier. Well, except I didn’t get the colors of the buildings quite right, but I’m good with how this came out anyway.
  3. Good paper matters. Seriously. Even for crafting I use Arches.
  4. I used Princeton Neptune Brushes. These have been supplanted by Silver brand Black Velvet brushes!
Sandy Allnock Rome Watercolor Paintings

Europe trip video

A peek into what I saw on my trip!


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  • These are current recommendations in 2020, not what was used in this video:
  • Arches Cold Press Paper: EHBLICK
  • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8 EHBLICKAMZ
  • Daniel Smith Watercolors EHBLICK