Stencil vs Artist: Who did it better?

I put my mad artist skills up against…a stencil. I thought for sure I’d rock it, but….well I’lll let you be the judge!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

The stencil allowed for great powdered pencil work – wet (with Gamsol) or dry, applied with a cotton ball, it made gorgeous soft blends. A little bit of sketchy lines, and the trees came out lovely!

I tried a couple techniques with pencils – and while I probably made my trees too thin, the texture and color blending just wasn’t as elegant as the stencil! It also took longer to make a smaller group of trees this way than with the stencil.

I’m pretty comfortable conceding, but I know some will vote for me out of pity. And I love you. Ha! What other things would you like to see me try to replicate without the crafty tool?


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