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Stamping for Families Bloghop – and a wee dog vlog!


Hi all! Today’s something a little different over here on the ol’ blog. There’s a video – just not a crafty one. Read on!

First- a little bloghop with some friends.

Some friends were talking on Facebook about how depressing things are at the moment…I can’t stop thinking about the thousands of kiddos separated from their moms and dads, and I’m praying that the huge-a-mongous fundraiser that went viral will help to reunite them all. You know what I love best about that fundraiser? People from all perspectives have joined in to do one thing. Together. Just to support families. We need more things that bring us together!

Anyhow…our little bunch of friends just wanted to make something…because art can heal, us, right? So if you’re feeling blue, then:

  1. hug your loved ones….
  2. and share a little of that love by making a card to send to someone you love…
  3. reach out and call your US Senators at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to support SB3036. It’s not comprehensive immigration reform that we need, but we know  it’ll take them forever to pass something big. The “Keep Families Together Act” would only deal with stopping family separation, and maybe they could all get on board with one thing at a time?
  4. then pay your love forward and donate to one of the groups helping reunite the families!

So below is what I made (sorry, no video!)…I hugged my pups since my family is far away….and I’ve made a $500 donation to RAICES, Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. (They’re the beneficiary of the Facebook fundraiser, but I don’t trust Facebook to handle my content much less my donations (ha) so I went directly to RAICES to do mine.) I hope you’ll consider giving, too. Together, we can make a difference for families!

I used Upon a Star from Lawn fawn, and used Copic airbrush for the background. The card is made of two panels glued together to make a card that opens this way (see video on Instagram today to watch it “open”…. (see it HERE)

The left panel (4-1/4 x 11, scored in half) has the little fox on it. To get the mama fox in the right spot, I held the second panel up to the light, aligning the crease, and sketched where the baby was – then stamped mama in place. I trimmed the front panel by hand so mama would have a partial panel looking out at the stars, sitting behind her pup.

The inside of the card needed a little TLC…I airbrushed just the corner and embossed the heart constellation on it. This is the inside of the panel with baby fox on it; the other half of the mama panel is glued to the back of this, so the card back has 2 layers.

If you’re interested in more airbrush info, stay tuned, I have a couple videos coming up next month with some. 🙂


Bloghop Links + prize

I’m going to pre-apologize because I think Inlinkz won’t show up here since I no longer subscribe, but I’m hoping that you can still click on the link. And that you’ll join in, too! I believe the link-up will be open for a week, so you can make your own family-themed card to add to the collection!

For a prize, I’m offering up two classes: one to a lucky commenter,  and one to a participant in the hop. Fresh mojo only, no linking up old cards please! Winner will be announced on July 1.

And secondly – a dog vlog

I shot a superfast little vlog the other day just chatting about some July stuff coming up, and dog footage! We’ve had some major summer weather already – unheard of here to have a week of hot weather this early! The studio gets up to the 80s by midafternoon, so we’ve been getting up early to get to work, then chilling in front of a fan. But if this weather continues all summer, we’ll be heading for this waterpark more days than not!

World Watercolor Month is in July….I’m getting together a list of prompts for anyone who’d like to join me! You’ll be able to use the prompts to stamp an image and watercolor it, create cards or Bible journaling pages, tags or bookmarks…..anything to just get a little bit of watercoloring in each day. I’m going to try to create a daily 30 second video for Instagram, so be sure to follow along – and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any!

38 thoughts on “Stamping for Families Bloghop – and a wee dog vlog!

  1. Love the colors of the night sky, your card is so sweet!
    My heart is weeping for the parents and kids, I sincerely hope that they will be reunite soon, really soon!

  2. I love your card. You are an amazing, caring person. Families belong together and no government should take children away. I just hope they all can be quickly successful reunited. Love your dogs!

  3. I love this card! Thank you so much for the words of care, kindness, and support spoken here. Also… dogs make every day better. 🙂

  4. Enjoying the cards linked to your post! Love your beautiful card!

  5. Love this card and design… beautiful. I’ve used an airbrush before… I was pretty clumsy with it, but I can see that it would become an addiction if I got one…lol! And thank you so much for your wonderful words and a beautiful hop with beautiful messages. I’ll be linking up tomorrow…and donating now.

  6. What a beautiful card and blog hop! Love how your card opens! I’ve been wanting to try something similar lately!

  7. Sandy, you always follow your heart and I know everything you do is based on humanity. Love your card. It’s totally capture what we all need at this moment. Hope. Hope and wish for things to get better. I love your kind heart. Thank you for all that you do.

  8. You are a great person Sandy. I love your card and your adorable dog video, thanks for brighten my day.

  9. Your card and the thoughts behind it are just beautiful

  10. I came for your card, and your inspiring words. BUT, those dogs! The way they just bound through the tall grass…how can you do anything but smile? You have a beautiful heart Sandy!

  11. I love your feeling blue list!! Fabulous card, just perfect for this!

  12. It’s so important to bring attention to this situation. Keeping family together is hard enough in this world without it being deliberately forced on people. Hug your loved ones and tell them everyday that you love them. (And this includes our fur babies).

  13. […] The best place for you to link up your card is over on Sandy Allnock’s Blog right here: […]

  14. cute dogs! and beautiful card–reminds me of that song from Fievel–Somewhere Out There.

  15. Sandy you are one of my shining stars. As always you exude Faith, Hope and Love through your art and your actions. If we all would have faith in our awesome God (and our elected officials who have shouldered a very complicated role of administrating the government that keeps our country free and safe), if we would hope and pray for all God’s people to triumph over the evil that exist in this world and if we would practice love and kindness in all we do and say then to quote a song …’what a wonderful world this would be’. Sandy, keep on shining!!

  16. Sandy, I am SO glad that you have chosen to be a part of this. Thanks for caring about people, every day, in every way!
    Take Care!

  17. Your card is wonderful for such a wonderful cause. I used to have a star with my grandad , he used to say if you look at that star at night you’ll know that I’m looking at that star too. Oh how I miss that man so much.
    I’ve been reading what’s been happening over with you all in the USA & this is a wonderfully, non political, way to raise both awareness & money x

  18. I love the way you went about advertising to us crafters what was coming up, but I had to watch your video twice (or maybe more than that) because I was more interested in watching the dogs play than listening to you Sandy – sorry :O( I did listen in the end though :O)

  19. Sandy, you’re a blessing to this world. You bless us with your beautiful art. I am very thankful for everything that I’ve learned. Thank you and your friends for taking this initiative and doing something to help all those poor families. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. I will make a donation as well. It’s sad that something so inhuman has brought us together. I hope that in the future when we unite as a country it’s for a positive cause. God bless you Sandy you’re an excellent human being.

  20. You are truly a compassionate and caring child of God. Thank you for raising awareness of this issue and showing us what we can DO to help.

  21. Thank you for caring for the families. I too, have a hard time not thinking about this. Other than donating and writing to legislators the only thing to do is make art and hug our loved ones. I have to say I had to watch the dog vlog three times, because in the first two times I didn’t hear a word you said! LOL! Those dogs are so fun to watch. Made my day, I miss my dog so much even 2 years later!

  22. You have a very empathetic heart, Sandy! I appreciate that you didn’t use divisive, political jargon in your post today. I just wish everyone participating in this hop would follow your lead.

  23. Sandy, this card is gorgeous, and your generosity is inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

  24. Gorgeous card Sandy! It’s an honor to be hopping with you today and sending such a great message of support for these families.

  25. Ah inspiration to get the airbrush out Again!

  26. Wonderful cards and awesome dog park, yay for V going swimming! 2 lucky pups right there.
    Don’t mention water! Lol we are up to our knickers in it here in Montana. Look like a great class though.

  27. Love your adorable card! Thank you for bringing awareness to this awful situation! It is heartbreaking to think that children are being ripped from their mothers arms! I hope and pray that the families are reunited as soon as possible!

  28. What a cute card. I think I’ll dig out a set I have with Momma and child animals….and NOT think about water!!! Having BIIIIIIIIG issues with that in my yard…ugh.

  29. Thanks for taking a stand – more Americans need to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around us!
    And those 2 pups are fun to watch anyday, anytime, anyway!!!

    Ooh – I’d better finish the cloud course before the waters start flowing!!! Thanks for the nudge.

  30. Your dogs seem to have so much fun together. Your paying it forward is awesome! What a great idea. Off to hug my family.

    1. Wrong email

  31. what an awesome dog park you have, so neat that the pupperonies can take a swim.

  32. Sandy, Thank you for your kind words and reminders to all that “we are are one big family”.

  33. Love your card and your generous donation to a very worthy cause. I know the feeling and am struggling too. I started being a bit more crafty but so much of my stuff is packed, we hope to be moving south soon.

  34. Lovely video. I’m jealous of that dog park. I cannot wait for the underwater class.

  35. Thank you for being you Sandy! Through your art you’ve always managed to touch my heart with your kindness and compassion. I’m so glad to be able to participate today as well in such a way doing my tiny part.

  36. I’m pretty sure you’ve impressed me in the past – like going to Puerto Rico – but this confirms what I’ve suspected for a while now. Thank you for caring so much about all of God’s children. Thank you for taking the time to donate and spread some love through art. ❤️

  37. Sandy, your card is spectacular and your efforts to help with the re-unification of children with their families warms my heart. Thank you so much for all you do.

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