Many of you love the tiny Art Impressions watercolor stamps – me too – but you’re going to be thrilled with these LARGE stamps from Altenew too!

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It’s so cool that basically the same techniques work with these giant stamps; use them wet in wet, wet on dry, spray….all the techniques taught in Stamped Watercolor Class will work here! I tried Altenew’s markers – and they’re pretty cool. Not a must-have as I already love my Tombows, but they do some interesting things for sure. Check it all out in the video:

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About these stamps

A few notes: these stamp sets aren’t inexpensive – but know that they are the size of TWO sets. So that makes the price lots more reasonable! You can also just get the vases, and then use lots of your solid stamps already in your collection, too. Be sure to try the different layering stamps too!

Project idea

I had my big practice sheet of watercolor paper and realized…I had stamped the images close enough together that I couldn’t really cut card panels. WHOOPS! But you know what? That made me get a bit creative! I cut them into strips and made bookmarks for some Bible study friends!


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