Welcome to my MFT friends coming by for a visit – hope you brought a cup of tea or cocoa so we can sit down and have a visit! I’ll be snuggled on the sofa with my girl Vienna…she’s my rescue pup from Petfinder who brings me both chaos and joy! She loves her little brother Giallo like nothing else – you can follow them both HERE.


Today I’m sharing a couple really simple cards celebrating PLAY! (Hope you get some time to do that!) I colored the pups to look like my Vienna (see her pics below!)….and kept the designs simple.


Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


The other two cards are adorable and simple too! For this pup, I punched a heart and colored it pink – chopping off a corner and gluing it to my pup so it looks like he’s carrying it.


This pup is on a rollercoaster of a slider – and there are many other shapes of slider dies available. I’ve collected a few in the supply list in case you’re interested.


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