I’ve got a little bonus post to share today….a bloghop with Colorado Craft Company!

They know that I’m a big Anita fan, so little packages of goodies arrive when they’ve got new Jeram stamps…and while I only just got them, I did some super quick coloring with just a few Copic greys and one orange, and a black clored pencil.

I decided to add a little detail to them since I kept the coloring so simple – and added lines to each one with a fountain pen, but you could honestly use any pen you’ve got!

Details about the DOUBLE giveaway is later on in this post!

#short video!

This one’s just a shortie, a quick preview of the stamp sets then the cards that are below. The link to a Short on YouTube is dodgy, so it might not play here….just head over to my channel

6 ways to add linear elements!

Each card uses a linear element in a different way – and each totally gives the cards a different look. IN this card, it’s the ground – each one has a wonky pair of lines at the edge, and the lines themselves use no ruler – just keep it loose.

A bit more coloring here! And some masking to make the different dressed-up cats look like they’re in front and behind each other. The sky is colored solid black, and I punched a circle from the background and flipped it upside down.

The lines can also be the background – a wall the characters are walking in front of. Also notice – I’m using a really really limited palette – toned Neenah cardstock with just 3 greys and an orange. And a white pen.

There’s one thanksgiving stamp in this collection; I used a pen to add the leaf and pumpkin stem on top.

A tiny strip of lines works well too – leaving a CAS card as the focus but with that sweet hand drawn addition.

And finally a wider strip of lines. Experiment with how much to use on a card! Here I also added “motion lines” around the bat and pumpkin so they’re clearly flying around.

Shop quick before they sell out

CCC has had some releases sell out, so if there’s anything on your must-have list, I’d recommend shopping quick. Visit the CCC site to pick out your stamp sets – it’s a super cute release!

Colorado Craft Company Bloghop

CCC is doing two giveaways…You have until October 1st at Midnight MST to enter both of these!

  • a HUGE complete bundle giveaway to ONE lucky winner….to be entered you have to use MY affiliate link to shop! (My link generates a wee bit of income for me but is at no cost to you!)
  • a give away of one stamp set to a commenter here on my blog!

You might like to go see what everyone else has made with these too – there’s also a big kitty and pumpkin I haven’t had time to make something with yet but stay tuned and I’ll see if I can get something done shortly on social media 🙂 Here’s the blog list:

  1. Adrienne Kennedy
  2. Adam Karle
  3. Angelica Conrad<
  4. Amy Tsuruta<
  5. Amy Young
  6. Bibi Cameron<
  7. Daniel West<
  8. Emily Midgett
  9. Jasleen Kaur
  10. Jenn Gross
  11. Jennifer Kotas
  12. Jenn Shurkus
  13. Jessica Frost-Ballas<
  14. Joe Sysavath
  15. Kassi Hulet
  16. Kelly Taylor
  17. Nancy Sheads
  18. Sandy Allnock  that’s me!
  19. Traci Jenkins


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  1. Sandra Tessier

    Love the cards Sandy

  2. tina Z

    Love your card designs on craft paper,stunning.

  3. Valerija J

    Amazing cards. So unique. Love them all. You are so talented.
    Valerija xx

  4. Jamie Hills

    I love the way you used a limited color palette and beautiful line work to accompany the illustrations!

  5. Christine Eck

    What a fun way to feature these cuties!

  6. Liz H

    I marvel that such a simple technique is SO enhancing. Thank you so much for your inspiration. These cards are just the BOMB !!! Love them ALL.

  7. kasi redfearn

    These cards and stamps are sooooo much fun! It is amazing what a little black ink can do to liven up a card. You are a master!!!

  8. Jennifer Jane Mills

    Love the card that looks like the characters are on a roof. Love all your work

  9. Barbara Heinly

    Love your card designs on craft card stock. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Danyelle Dillon

    You are such an AMAZING artist, I could just look at your page for hours! Very talented my friend. such an interesting idea to add all the lines for added details. I am wanting to get the big bold pumpkin set! CCC comes up with such fun designs! I love them!

  11. Renee Thompson

    Oh I love these on the craft cardstock!

  12. Julie Mc

    Love the simple cards and the bats! Great colors and looks easy to do.

  13. Linda Hofacker

    I love your cards Sandy – purchased the Gather Pumpkin set, can’t wait to get it and hopefully make mine look like yours! 🙂

  14. Beth Myers

    What a great look with color choices including craft card stock. And I can do lines! Want to try that technique for some future backgrounds.

  15. Debbie Alderson

    Sandy, I love every element of these cards! I love the simplicity. I love that you used Kraft card stock. The lines really make it! Of course, I love the stamps! You inspire me!

  16. RFeiertag

    Absolutely love your work.

  17. Mary B

    Darling cards. Love your clean simple approach.

  18. Patti Rosenthal

    As always, I love your style! Simplicity rules here…and the pen lines are a perfect accent for these stamped images!

  19. Lee

    Love the look of the Kraft card stock and how the simplicity of the colours lets the subjects stand out. I am marvelling at the effect you achieved with just lines. Love these to bits!!

  20. Kari DiBiaso

    I love these! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Kim Hargis

    Those shadows! Chef’s kiss!!!

  22. SaraB

    I think the little robot costumed mouse is adorable! I’m going to try some line work, too!

  23. Valerie Baity

    These are too cute!

  24. Kathy Leitch

    Very cute cards, love the images on kraft. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Barbara-Jean

    Those lines are great! Thanks for the suggestions/demonstrations

  26. Amelialesley

    Love how these have come together!

  27. Julie

    I love the look of the Kraft cardstock!

  28. Carol E. Wortman

    Boy did I love the linear look. You have such a steady hand I was sure you used a ruler…. maybe shaky zig zag might be a look to. I love your inspirational teaching. Happy Fall! I need a hang in there card for a lady going through “stuff”. Thanks.


    Love the linear elements… I never would’ve thought how lines can be such a great addition to a card. Those Colorado Craft Company stamps are the cutest.

  30. Dee Earnshaw

    love the look of these images on Kraft – the simplicity of the coloring lends itself to a very eye popping look – very inspiring – thanks for sharing

    • Terry Blanchard

      Sandy! You are such an inspiration!
      I love the addition of simple lines, they really enhance the design. I think sometimes we forget the power of “just” lines!


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