Hello – and happy Saturday! Yes it’s a bonus video here on the ol blog, and it’s for a special cause. A group of crafters got together to put together a hop to fight racism! It’s something that’s not just a fad around this blog as you probably know…I’ve been coloring the Human Rainbow for over a decade, and trying to get others to do the same. Even with a free chart to help get started Copic coloring diversity! I’ll link to the chart at the end of this post, so keep your eyes peeled.

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I chose to use an image from Mo Manning’s site – she has AWESOME people digistamps! I picked up a bunch and have been coloring them for the last few weeks on social media, and this one is perfect for this hop – both cheery and carrying a message of unity!

View on YouTube.

Wasn’t that fun? I loved using colors from the darker skin to add depth to the lighter one – it really ties the colors together nicely while allowing each to have very different skin tones.

If you’ve been wondering where all the Copic markers and reinkers have gone – because I get asked all the time (I have no insider knowledge!)…..Copic was planning to let everyone run out of the OLD reinkers and come out with new bottles in spring. Then, well, Covid happened, and like everyone else, I’m sure they got thrown off their game. I expect sometime later this year we’ll see them become available again.


You may have seen the single page chart around, but there’s a “pack” of charts in the human rainbow collection!

Bloghop info was falling apart with broken links so has been removed to limit frustration.


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