This video topic has been a long time coming! Primarily because of the sharpener issues discussed in the video – thankfully now resolved. Yay! So I’m sharing my technique for getting a softly blended look without the use of blending mediums like gamsol or baby oil. If I can take my time and do this well, I like the look of it so much better than using the liquid blending mediums.

The masking on this card was CRAZY since I wanted to use every stamp in the set (sentiment is inside), and I gave up on shooting video of the masking process. It’s not for the faint of heart! It involved tons of masking tape and a good pair of scissors for a ton of fussycutting.

Once I got it stamped, I fortunately thought to scan it so I could print my own and make more cards with it. (I’ll color this in Copics on Periscope today!) PLEASE be aware that doing this and passing files on to anyone else is illegal. You can scan and print for your own self only. But if you do crazy masking like this? You’ll want to make at least a couple more!

Sandy Allnock Blending Prismacolor Pencil

A sharp pencil, as you saw in the video, is crucial to getting this to work well! Invest in a good sharpener, it makes a difference. Colors used:

  • skin 1092 942 1009
  • greens 907 909
  • reds 923 925
  • browns 941 947
  • golds 1003  942 118
  • greys 1056 935


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