After my recent playtime with fountain pen inks – I came across my Bombay India Ink set that’s been waiiiiiiiting for its turn for maybe a year now?! They’re less expensive than fountain pen inks, so I wanted to see if they’d react in similar ways.

The inks didn’t perfom the same (not all do) – but I’ll show you my testing process as well as try out making a background with salt that turned out like snow – just in time for holiday season, amirite!?


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

I added some brand new @sunnystudiostamps and torn paper to finish them off easy peasy. Punch or diecut a moon out of white cardstock and you could get a whole bunch of cards done with one background piece!

Each section of the sky on a card like this feels like a different level of snowstorm!

I hadn’t thought too carefully about where my moon would be placed in this circumstance so the lighting is off, but I’m pretty sure I can send this to someone who’s not heard me blathering on about light sources (like my cousin in Vermont!) and they’d never notice!


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