I save photos from Paint My Photo all the time – folders and folders and folders on their site! I categorize them all kinds of ways….and this one has been on my want-to-do list for a while. I’d thought about watercolor but those big trees were too intimidating – so I tried it in colored pencil instead!

I love how this one came out – all epic and frosty! I’ve got some tips in here for making trees with depth, and of course using erasers to create some highlights.


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

A new helpful habit I’ve gotten into in the last few months as I’m creating pieces that take a little longer – using this little cup to hold a working group of pencils, pens, and tools! With this new schedule of video creation, I bounce around in what I’m working on – sometimes a few days in a row on something, slip in some small midweek reels or projects as I do, and I keep it all together so I don’t have to scramble to remember which tools, which colors, etc, that I had out before I popped over to another project. I tried to order me another one of these little cups from Pantone with this year’s color – very peri! – but I was too late! It was already out of stock. Anyone know of a shop that sells cool cortado cups? This one needs a buddy!

These are the colors I used for this project…I do have my pencils swatched out like this, even though the lead color on pencils really does show pretty accurate color, but these chips colored on Stonehenge show what they look like colored up – though I don’t tend to pull out swatches, I just grab pencils.

My Afmat pencil sharpener is still working well – but I’m always on the lookout for “better” so let me know if you see something with potential! The electric eraser battle has turned out really evenly thus far – one of the two I bought is 1/3 the price of the other and seems to work exactly the same. At some point I may find out the difference between them in performing a specific task of some kind but for now – I think the Mont Marte is just fine.

The original is for sale HERE, and prints can be purchased HERE.


In case you missed what I posted on social…here are links! Not many folks were interested in Monday’s video – if you’re someone who had a busy week and put it off, be sure to go check it out! (It’s lonely.)


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