Earlier this week I compared craft and artist grade watercolor markers, and while swatching does tell you a few things, nothing convinces me whether I like a product or not like using it in “real world” art situations. Seeing how colors blend and move, layer and lift – that is so hard to test on little blops of color! So since I’m in the mode to travel virtually to national parks (because, dang gas prices are keeping me home!)…..let’s go to Yellowstone today!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

These markers are pretty sweet; I was glad to see I could draw into the wet paper. The colors are much more nuanced than crafty pens, and can create very realistic trees and rocks.


The first 2/3 or so of today’s video is about the sketch….please be kind about the last 1/3. I stink at asking for help and find it so embarrassing. It took me sooooo many tries to see if I could get the wording right and not sound like some kind of grifter or something. If you’re interested in becoming a patron, click here for more info. Bless you for considering it! Those who take classes are also helping a lot too – so if you’re taking those, thank you!

Travel Sketches Class

While today’s video is different than what’s in the Travel Sketches class (it’s taught with crafty markers on cellulose Canson XL so the color moves better), you can use the techniques in today’s Yellowstone sketch in class too!


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