Water soluble ink can make sketching easier – learn to sketch a winter forest and vase of lavender in the video!

Studio cleaning and storage-swapping

But first….some BIG NEWS! (that few may care about, ha!)

I cleaned the STUDIO!!! A deep clean wasn’t done in here since 2021 and it was so needed. My huge counter was intended for staging projects. But it was buried in stacks of supplies, partly done projects, wanna-do projects, and so much more. The new tools I got this year didn’t have a “place” so they all sat on the counter….so…..

A year ago I added a drafting table to the studio, and reorganized in its wake. (a little footage coming next week!) I had some of my art supplies in the next room, but I found those just never got touched. Too far away! Things I rarely use like dies and sequins and glitter are now in the other room. New stuff can now fit in drawers!

I’m super excited for what this’ll mean for having several projects underway at once. Now I can lay them out without stuff falling over and keep on juggling everything! (Vienna steals pencils when things fall down, eeep!)

PLUS I found a bunch of STUFF! Things I’d been looking for. Watercolor dot cards. Brushes and other materials I was going to test. Inks that got hidden behind other things. Papers, papers, papers. I uncovered my pen storage box – and found my Visconti Mirage pen inside!! The box had been so buried I practically forgot it. But no more! And my dremel project is now back in sight – it lights up, so watch out for that in the month ahead, I think it would be a great valentines project. Can’t wait to get going on it!

Okay enough of all that now. Let’s get to some water soluble ink sketching!




















Tutorial: Techniques for Sketching with water soluble ink

Since my Mirage needed to come out of hiding – and get itself all washed and new ink put inside after sitting there for over a year! – it’s time to do a little sketching. These are easy so I hope you’ll consider trying one!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

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Test water soluble inks and papers

You might have some inks that are water soluble and not even know it! Get some paper and do a couple tests like I did. Try one line first, so you know if you just do a single outline, how much black/grey ink wash will come from it. Will you need to do two strokes? Or if you scribble over an area, will the lines disappear on that paper or not? Make sure you’re testing on papers you might like to use. I’m going to be making some postcards this week to mail out to chilly friends, so I need to test the ones I’ve got. (I found them, yay!)

Winter forest in water soluble ink

Since most of my country is under a deep freeze right now I thought maybe some folks would sketch some frosty-covered trees out the window! Spritzing is an easy technique, and sometimes comes out with no need to do the second inking pass – just the spray may be enough. Try out a couple papers and see what works for whatever pens you have.

Vase of Flowers (Lavender) in water soluble ink

The vase is another simple idea – you can make a simple rounded vase. It doesn’t need to be fancy – and if you’ve got some AI floral stamps, then make some stems to watercolor! (Yes your watercolor markers count as water soluble INK!)

Have you done a year-end cleaning yet?

It’s always my favorite deep-clean, because I’m already in the new-year-new-me mindset. And finding things that I wanted to use and haven’t yet, well, that’s just downright inspiring!


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  1. Noreen Fontana

    LOL! Do you think I’ll have the willpower to just look and write down the items that I ‘must have” until I get home? I will do my best!

    • Sandy Allnock

      Ha! If you have willpower let me know where you got it, I could use some 🙂

  2. Noreen Fontana

    I love the vase and lavender! You have definitely inspired me this past year. So much so that I am buying supplies as if I know what I’m doing! Seriously, I do have a question. I buy lots online from Dick Blick, a great partner. I do try to remember to do this through your site. Assuming I’m able to get out this Spring, my daughter and I are planning an in-person visit to the store! I’m so looking forward to this, but wondering if you can get credit for our purchases when we shop in person. Hope so!

    • Sandy Allnock

      Unfortunately that’s only online – but HAPPY SHOPPING! lol 🙂 #enabler

  3. Win

    I also loved the pocket watch and being able to see how much time passed. Hoping to give this a try on Saturday!

  4. Gab

    Beautiful work Sandy. And yay for a good clean up!!

  5. Andre M.

    So glad you found some of your misplaced items. One advantage of my small area is that I have to keep it decluttered to work on my projects, although I still manage to misplace items.

  6. Win

    The fountain pen is lovely. I received water soluble markers for Christmas, so I need to give this a try.


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