No matter the weather….friends forever! This little bunny is out in the rain and ready to make it to your friends on cards….isn’t he just the cutest?

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All Weather Friends is from the new release from Colorado Craft Company – a sweet little bunny with sweet little sentiments to go with it! I knew that would be the first one to color up!


I painted the background to have a loose rainy scene – layering several blues with lighter tones in the back, darker in the foreground, to create depth. Check it out:

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The little bunny’s face makes me want to pick him up and hug him – and get his little feet out of the cold rain!

The white detail is added with Titanium White, which isn’t in my palette; I’ve started keeping a tube of it handy (and in my bag when I go out to do plein air) to add little sparkly highlights from time to time. It’s particularly good for water – and snow!


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