With all the playing around with skintones in multiple mediums that I’ve been doing – it’s about time to tackle some watercolor. And the new Old Friends set that MFT just came out with seemed perfect!

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The mixes of different colors in your palette will vary depending on the colors you have and the amount of each that you mix – red yellow and blue make neutrals, and as you learn the kind of mix that works for skin colors, it’ll become easier with time! Check out the tutorial for tips:

View on YouTube.


The scene I added to this card is so simple – just some generic “windows” and “columns” in the background. No need for elaborate scenes – you might notice I don’t tend to paint complex ones in watercolor!

I hope this was helpful – there’s no real “recipe” in my mind for perfect skintones; depending on colors in my palette I just use different mixes of reds, yellows, and blues! Try out the colors you have and see what shades you can come up with!


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