It’s SHARK WEEK! And I have to confess I have a thing for sharks. NOT the crazy violent shark stuff, but…I’m just fascinated by these amazing animals. And since I bought some of this black watercolor paper to try, an underwater painting seemed a good place to start!

(If you are curious about these luminescent paints, see my next post!)

As for the paper – I’m not completely sold on it, but then again, I’ve just bought it so I need to do more testing. I like Stonehenge brand drawing paper and was excited to see what they would make for a watercolor paper….while this has a cold press kind of texture, it doesn’t have the feel of cotton that I like in other brands.

My instant hot take is that your better bet is using some DS Black Watercolor Grounds on Arches – I like the ‘feel’ of that better. Plus then you don’t have a whole pad of black paper staring at you. lol.


I’ll have LOTS more info on these luminescent paints in my next post, it’s one of those epic ones with too much info in it and I want to finish it off right before posting it. However – here’s my minipalette (by Whiskey Painters) that I put all my luminescent colors into; I’ll show the swatches of ALL luminescent colors in the epic post coming up.

NOTE: These are colors I randomly went out and bought, not knowing what to do with them;you might want to get the dot card to try them all out and see what you’d use for what YOU are going to paint.


On my Bible Journaling channel – a shark! lol…..


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