I think the craft industry is conspiring against my waistline….they know I need to buy every donut set that comes out, don’t they??? Thanks Darcies! ha!

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I’ll give you some tips for chocolate frosting here, but by all means swap out colors to make it YOUR favorite frosting. (But hey, isn’t chocolate best!?!?)

My nieces love getting goofy cards from their old auntie – even though they’re in their (GAH) late 20s! Oh my how did the time fly? Fortunately they let me still pretend they’re little! I think they’ll love the shades on these two – just to make the bunnies extra cool, right?

I colored up the pink donut a little while back….same process, except on this one there’s shine on the frosting rather than the sprinkles and jimmies.

A note about action wobbles – A couple companies make them. I only found the minis over on AI’s site – they’re really helpful for small images, since the big wobbles are pretty big. They did fit on these, but you might want to have both sizes in your stash. Just saying. Craft emergencies happen, right?


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