Seahawks PreGame Prayer by Sandy Allnock

I’ve been a mad watercolorist lately. So much more than I’ve shared thus far! This particular piece, Seahawks Pregame Prayer, is one I painted in response to my church’s call for refreshing the art on the walls of the church! We have many talented artists in our congregation, and it’s fun to see what everyone creates.

Seahawks Pregame Painting

This is the first painting I’ve submitted….inspired by praying for Russell Wilson; not that he win the game necessarily (though that would be a bonus!), but that he continues to walk strong in his faith and continues to be a testimony for God in this adventure he is now part of. He has a huge audience, and that gives him the opportunity to share what God has done for him!
Seahawks PreGame Prayer by Sandy Allnock

I’ve always been impressed with Russell’s Seahawks pregame and postgame leadership – which includes praying with the other team. Such a powerful witness…even though they’re on opposite sides, they’re brothers in Christ! Yeah!Seahawks PreGame Prayer by Sandy Allnock

A little technical detail on this painting, called Seahawks Pregame Prayer – it’s painted with Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors on Aquarelle watercolor paper.I found a photo from the Seattle PI to base this on. I titled this Pregame, even though the photograph was postgame – because *I* am praying pre-game!

Come back tomorrow for – you guessed it – another piece of Seahawks art!

Sharing this Seahawks pregame painting happens on a pretty exciting day – I’m taking the Truth Scrap workshop all day today! So stoked!!! Very excited to see what everyone has to share.