Hi there! This was originallly a guest post, but years later I’ve copied it over here. 🙂

I’m Sandy Allnock, and I’m excited to bring you a couple cards I made with the brand new Carol Puppies stamp set! I made a tutorial video too, because, well, why not, right?

I get a lot of questions in comments and other places, one of which is why bother thinking about saturation? Just pick a red and go with it, and only worry about the darkness/lightness of the color. Well, I’m about to shed a little light on why it can make a major difference, while coloring two cards together!


Here’s the video…watch it below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

For the nighttime scene, desaturated colors are great – those are colors where the first of the 2 digits is a HIGH number. Choose those when you’ve got a scene with low light or nighttime. Don’t forget to add snow not just in the sky behind the choir but also in front of them!

For the daytime picture, choose brighter, more saturated colors – with lower numbers as the first digit. These are brighter colors, and will require a little more blending and shading to get them to look rounded, since they’re out in the light. All that shading detail can be seen. 

If you’re interested in any of the specific colors used, they’re likely in this handfull…

I hope this is helpful next time you’re trying a daytime or nighttime scene – be sure to tag me on instagram if you try out a new selection of colors after seeing what I created!


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