I thought the cute little clouds would be perfect for coloring rain…the weather has been inspiring for this kind of thing lately, don’t you think? Right now I’m in San Francisco at the Periscope Summit and it’s a rainy dreary forecast for the whole time we’re here! Clean Color pens are a great medium to use for things that are all wishywashy like clouds and rain, too – so be sure to get yours out and color along. 


Watch the video below or watch HERE in HD on YouTube.

The angry little cloud face is perfect for a rainy cloud – we usually put smiley faces on everything but I kinda like his sad face in this case!

The little shaker card, made with the Fuse to seal in those tiny stars, is a shiny little card – and the frame dies? Oh boy. Just think of all the tiny images in your stamp collection that can be peeking through! The whole set of dies gets smaller and smaller, so tiny photo frames are gonna be so much fun! 

And lastly, an odd-sized card to use up some odd-sized envelopes in my stash. I used the same rain technique on this one, but upside down!


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