I’m working on a little treat to give to my fellow Toastmasters for Easter, and thought I’d share my seed packet template here too – since you might like to make one for your kids’ or grandkids’ Easter basket. You put RAINBOW seeds (sprinkles!) inside!! Or M&Ms. Or Skittles. Or confetti!

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These are fun to make for Easter baskets, at Sunday school, at home with the kids – make some for the pastor or a neighbor!


Isn’t that just fun? I used to make these in a ministry I was involved in – it was a different template that I couldn’t find, so I had to make a new one. Here’s a look at the back with the instruction panel.

Sandy Allnock - Seed Packet Back

My seed packet template might also be good for a Sunday School or VBS activity any time of year – print them out, have the children color and assemble them and fill them with “seeds” as their class assignment! It’s perfect for any lesson on hope, or Bible lesson on the story of Noah. The verse on the flap is from the end of Noah’s story:

I have set my rainbow in the clouds,
and it will be the sign of the covenant
between me and the earth.
Gen 9:13

 Seed Packet Template

Download one or both of the templates and print them out on your printer at home. Be sure to print on paper compatible with your coloring medium, and test that your adhesive will hold the envelope closed before giving it to kids to assemble in Sunday School.

Let me know if you make one of my seed packet template treat envelopes – and how it was received!

2021 Additional Sample

In 2021 I’m “re-upping” old posts – and every Thursday sharing a #throwbackthursday highlighting a fun older post with a new sample! This time I made a new packet from the blank template, and stamped one of MFT’s brand new stamps on it – Wish You Were Hare. I airbrushed the background, added pink trees and bushes….just for lots of pink!

The assembly – fussycutting the template with detail scissors, adhering with scor tape – and Voila, fill ‘er up with sprinkles and tuck in a basket or inside a card!


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