These little Pet Goldfish hopped into my cart a while back, as I was planning the Underwater Scenes classes (now in pencil and watercolor as well as copic!) – but they sat there because, well, they’re domesticated and those scenes are in the wild! ha. I know, I could put goldfish in the sea but….I worried about them getting acclimated to being outdoors again! #yesimweird So instead – they’re just swimming in a circle. Some upside down. Some might not even BE goldfish. I’ll let you decide!

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For the colors I just picked a rainbow’s worth. If you’ve taken Copic Jumpstart just pull out whatever colors you used on that color wheel and match it up! (You can do this card with watercolors or pencils too!)

Not into fish? Try something with a circular rainbow of flowers. Or tropical birds. Or anything at all!

I put a little treat inside the card too – a snail crawling up the side of the goldfish bowl!


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