Sometimes a video doesn’t want to get made….but then we crafters wrestle it to the ground! And turn it into a CAS card to boot. Like craftymagic, right!?!?

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Pencil colors: 995, 132, 992, 1027, 916, 921, 913, 109, 926, 937, 1079, 1102.

How’s about that Stitched Hillside Border die bailing me out!?!? Thank you Lawn Fawn for always having something to help! (And it now comes in a slimline size too!

That colored pencil tip – just to reiterate – I did this one over and over so many times. Not for bloops, but the footage just kept doing weird stuff. I nearly quit and moved on, figuring these penguins didn’t want to be on YouTube! But – I kept the pencils in order like this, so I could real quickly grab everything in rotation to do both layers of pencil quickly. If you have a lot to color, it’s a good idea to do the coloring with some kind of ordering so you can jam through the work quickly!


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