The Inspired by Nature class has generated a few questions about supplies and more – please know I didn’t write the page about the class, so…someone else translated what they thought I meant. (Bad on me fir unclarity!) Here’s the Q&A! (Also see a quickie video here with sketch flip on YT!)

What does it cost?

Only $7. Seriously. For that amount, you’re not going to get a great firehose of info in one fell swoop from me anywhere else. (I’ll try to keep the firehose from getting you soaked!) Even if you don’t paint treescapes—there’ll be lots of discussion of decision making as you plan your painting, negative painting and how to think through it, and what I call “calligraphy” — adding your own signature to the finished layer of your art.

Can I do this class in another medium?

Sure! Mostly the same process will apply: you’ll create the same layer of lights, add midtones and create the negatively drawn space, and add detail on top. Don’t believe me? Try it. Really. I won’t have time to address what colors you should use, etc, but look at the resource photo in the handout linked below, and pick some out. (I’ll be lightening some of those really dark areas, so just have a variety handy.)

Do I have to watch live?

Nope! You can see it later. You can even register later!

Is this a paintalong?

Sure! Feel free to paint with me. While I’ll be painting a larger piece, you might try a sketchbook first. Try to get a quick representation of the technique, and keep a pen handy to write down what you were going for. I find that a lot easier than trying to paint something that a person who’s painted it before is just zipping along with.

Is there a handout?

Yep! Download it, and I recommend printing the photo in black and white, since we’ll be talking about value. Then use your ipad or computer for the color reference, since most of our printers don’t do a photo justice.

What do I need for supplies?

Bring paper, paints, brushes, and a pencil. Oh and water. Keep it simple! The class page lists supplies I do not use or endorse; if you’re looking for what I do like, feel free to check out the watercolor section of my FAQ page.

You do NOT have to have the colors I use – I’ll talk about a few alternates to mix, but you can totally use what you have. Some colors to think about if you did my swatching exercise below: A yellow-green (I’ll use green gold + phthalo blue turquoise but you can use a hansa yellow with other phthalo blues, or even yellows with other greens), some deeper cool greens (I’ll have cascade green, mixing it with a bit of sap and paynes blue gray maybe), and whatever your favorite grey mix is (mine is cobalt with transparent red oxide or burnt sienna, and sometimes paynes blue gray to darken it.)

This is the same recording of a live video, I just cleaned up the thumbnail from earlier. You can see the full blog post with handout etc here.

And the question that warmed my heart….I am so touched that some of you worry about how I’m doing:

Do YOU get the $7?

Nope. LOL! I receive a flat fee, which could be added to depending on the number of students who register for my class, and how many view it. So your participation could eventually help. But don’t worry about me; I’ll be dandy!

Hope you have an AWESOME weekend!