Welcome to the Purple Onion SURPRISE bloghop! A few of us fans decided to put together a little surprise for Michele – and to help out our readers as well by drawing some attention to today’s Black Friday sale!

I was recently looking for a specific raccoon stamp, and was so frustrated that I couldnt’ find it. I sat down with my lunch (mom’s amazing tomato vegetable soup!) and dumped out my collection of Purple Onion stamps on my desk and started sorting….I decided on Storage Envelopes for them, and prepped the cardstock to go into the long tall ones so I could create key sheets for them – and stamped colorable images along the way. I also filmed a little transformation of a spring stamp for you at the end of the video – hope you enjoy!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on  YouTube!

All those colored images are cut out….and some have made it onto cards, below; captions include the stamp names with links. And the storage envelopes I used are listed in the supply list at the end of this post – (they come in a bunch of sizes).

Wishing (dandelion and mouse)
Street (town buildings), Old Betsy (truck), Millie (hedgehog), Holly (mouse)

Bblog hop

Giveaway closed but enjoy the hop!

  1. Sandy Allnock <—that’s me!
  2. Tracey MacDonald
  3. Kelly Booth
  4. Jessica Frost-Ballas
  5. Sonja Kerkhoffs
  6. Anna Lorenzetto
  7. Sally On
  8. Hannah Rubenstahl
  9. Simone Schwagler
  10. Susen Srb
  11. Nancy Thomas
  12. Kari VanNoy
  13. Alice Wertz
  14. Amy Yang
  15. Vera Yates


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