And now for a card that makes me go SQUEE! These little hedgehogs from Clearly Besotted are the cutest lil guys – and perfect for this technique that I adapted from Connie Stewart – her video is HERE聽as well as linked in a Card at the end of the video聽if you want to go see it. Cuteness!

Sometimes you see something on Pinterest that makes your lil heart spin – literally. I saw Connie’s bee flitting around and just knew I had to keep my eyes peeled for just the right stamp to try this! The hedgies were going to work so I ordered them as soon as I could find them in stock – they keep flying off shelves! And I used the Lawn Fawn Stitched Hills dies to give them somewhere to tumble. Connie uses Stampin Up products in the construction of her spinner, but I did some adapting with what I have – and it still worked!聽

In the video the sandwiching of the spinner kinda flew by fast…here are the steps:

  1. Punch a hole in ONE piece of dimensional adhesive before removing one of the papers. (Power Tabs are no longer made)
  2. Remove one paper, leave it facing UP, and put a brad through it. Use a brad with the smallest head on it but the longest tines you have.
  3. Place another power tab on top – with the peeled-back paper on the side facing down.
  4. Punch a hole in the card – a little bigger than you normally would so it will have room to spin around easily.
  5. Add the brad through the hole, peel off the top paper, and stick the spinner image on top!

This means you’re sandwiching the head of  a brad between the two power tabs, then sticking the image on top of that. Hope that makes sense if the video wasn’t clear!

Sandy Allnock - Pulled Spinner Card 2

Make something to pull the tab with – I cut out little hearts, sandwiching them and the twine with a power tab in the middle.


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