It’s Ellen Hutson’s release day – so I’m playing with color while I share the new goodies! That way you might learn something along with getting a peek at the release. I’m all about learning new stuff….and today’s little video explores what happens when mixing Aussie Red Gold with French Ultramarine Blue! That’s a warm red and cool blue, so don’t let anyone tell you that you have to stick with warms or cools.

NEWS FLASH! Ellen now has a line of….FELT! GAH! So excited. It just popped into the store so I haven’t got my hands on it but I just ordered a bunch and will show you soon! Wheeee!
The Snowman Collection of Felt and Floss
The Bear Collection of Felt and Floss
The Ornament Collection of Felt and Floss
The Arctic Collection of Felt and Floss
The Flannel Collection of Felt and Floss
The Color Pop Collection of Felt and Floss
I attempted to make an animation with pics…let’s see if it works:

And now…on to today’s projects!

Instead of just showing you Ellen’s new release, I’m also going to be playing with a couple colors along the way! They’re not a traditional “red yellow blue,” so I call them off-primaries.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

With Mondo Chrysanthemum….I painted the flower and leaves on flat paper, then cut them out. I just slathered on color – it was so easy to just plop the color down and let it do its thing! (The fussy cutting wasn’t nearly as easy!) The background is just stamped flowers, and the color layer under the stamped panel is also painted with the same colors. Sentiment is from another of the Totally Random Sayings sets (Vol 3) – I love that there are generic sentiments and some fun specifics in them.

I diecut a ton of leaves and painted them in the same colors, just to play with color mixing….then did the same on a background piece. I put some plastic wrap over the top and let it dry maybe an hour or two, and got the cool texture! Then I added sentiments from Totally Random Sayings, and added my leaves. On cream cardstock these look especially fall-like!

This one was using up some bits – the splashy fun background was a piece of paper I had splattered on by accident (whoops!) so added more paint. Then added extra leaves….and when I saw “Hello my name is awesome” in the “Voices in my head” set – I decided I’m going to make nametags for everyone in my Toastmasters club and hand them out at a meeting sometime! Wouldn’t it be fun to run around with that nametag on all day?

And then…ornaments! I haven’t ever made one – I know, I know, I live under a rock! But I have no felt til today’s order. I’ve seen pics of craft rooms overrun with it since collecting ALL the colors and brands seems to be a thing, so hopefully I can stop at one line! But for my video, I painted some watercolor diecuts and sewed those together with Namo Yarn (which I bought all the colors of, thinking it was yarn, and it’s more like thread, and now I gotta figure out how to store it – LOL!)

I also made Sew Cute Snowman – same painted paper technique!

And then there’s Lil Squatch, whose camouflage beards will help them hide in the fall colors! On Friday I have a video going up at Ellen’s blog – and I could use YOUR suggestions for what scene to make. Leave your ideas in the comments on this post or out in social media, I’d love to get some other thoughts on where to create a scene for these lil buddies!


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