Quick video today with some new Ellen Hutson products – mostly I just wanted to film a video to test out my new lights. So happy to finally kick the old ones to the curb!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YT.

Gameboard card

Tic Tac Toe die and Confetti Kisses make a fun gameboard to send an interactive card…think about other dies that could be used for game pieces too! The envelope die isn’t new but was perfect to hold the game pieces.

High Five

Sentiment lover? High Five is a fun one! It has a couple different sentiment themes and I chose blowing kisses and the cute thought balloon. (Check out Ardyth’s birdies with it, OMG!) I embossed the white sentiment and then added clear embossing to the hearts. Bonus tip – I recently got some Catherine Pooler nks (Rockin Red and Midnight- and it made stamping the thought bubble a once-and-done effort! I wondered why folks were so excited about them. 🙂 I usually don’t worry much about inks since I’m mostly about coloring, but these are great especially for solid stamps!

Hands and Hang On

Hang On is another sentiment set – and I had to use love you this much. I made my own “sleeves” and cut the cardstock width down so the card would fit inside an envelope.


I have a real-life letterboard, and was tickled to see I could make cards with one now! There’s a set of letters that comes with the board, then also 3 other die sets – larger alphas, and 2 script words sets. The light bulb is from the recent anniversary giveaway set – just tossed on a little watercolor. For anything like these tiny letters, be sure to put Stick It Adhesive  on the back before diecutting, that way your letters come out as stickers!


And last but not least the new lights! Mine had stood me in good stead for over a decade and finally sputtered to a halt – so I ordered these from B&H. I got two of the Dracast lights (links in the supply list) along with two tripod stands and two pins (these go inside the Dracast to receive the screw from the stand.)


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