Wheee! I’ve apparently fallen in love with penguins…because I discovered I’ve picked up a ton of penguin stamps this year! I decided to combine them in one big ol’ week full of penguin cards – I hope my penguin-loving friends will enjoy the stamps, and my technique-loving friends will enjoy learning too!

This little pair of penguins are good for SO many seasons of cards. Of course for Christmas. But how about a loveydovey card for Valentine’s Day too? Put a balloon in a flipper and it’s a birthday card! Especially if you color with crazy fun colors like I did here!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The colors used…..though I encourage you to play with all sorts of fun colors! Students in Colored Pencil Jumpstart should pull out a testing chart and see what might work!

Don’t forget that putting down pencil THEN erasing can have some interesting effects!


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