Today I’ve got a little idea some of you might just try – choose a set of stamps to create a sketch from with the stamps as the main image! If you’ve taken any of my pencil drawing classes, this would be a fun exercise…with any stamp sets you can make a scene from.

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I started this one by getting out an Aquabee sketchbook – a 6″ x 12″ one. The new Animal Nativity stamp and die set from Art Impressions is one I didn’t get in time to need for my Christmas cards, but a sketch seemed to be a good way to use it instead.


I used a grey ink for the images, but you can certainly use black instead. I figured it would let me use my old college lead holder – a fancy name for a mechanical pencil! I found it this year, along with my old superheavy pointer (sharpener) – and it felt like being back in drawing class again! They seem to make the pencils in blue now instead of red. And the pointers are lightweight and much smaller nowadays!

The top of the drawing I kept simple since there was lots of detail in the main part of the scene. The little stars were erased with a stick eraser.

I added the city of Bethlehem in the background, but softly with using the stick and kneaded erasers—so they don’t fight the manger scene for attention.

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